Spicy Tomato Turkey Wings

When I was in Jacmel in support of earthquake disaster relief, I noticed how so many Haitians have a large pot in hand. This large pot -- a cauldron, really -- is the basis of the Haitian kitchen.


3 lbs of turkey wings
Pepper to taste
at least 2 whole cloves of garlic minced
˝ hot pepper
2 whole scallions
1 handful of parsley
Cloves with other spices you desire or have
Lime juice- 5 tablespoons- 4 limes
Corn flour
Chicken fat
5 tomatoes

Salt turkey wings to taste. Place wings into large pot, with salt added, for one hour.

Simmer tomatoes in a small pot, first with add vegetable oil, chopped onions until translucent.   Place tomatoes in chopped in quarters and with a masher mash the tomatoes adding in salt, pepper, cloves, hot pepper. The wings are in 3 pieces but cleansed with the juice of 4 limes, tap dry.  Place spices and seasonings, fresh pepper whole scallions, 4 cloves, garlic, parsley.  

Place in clean hot boiling water until succulent-soft.  Remove wings and tap dry.   Heat chicken fat until hot, place wings in until a nice brown color.   Add in the tomato sauce into frying pan and simmer for 8 minutes.