Sladak Kao Me Testis Unutra Pavlaka Sos (Honeyed Testicles in Cream Sauce)

2 tablespoons vegetable lard – preferably chicken or duck fat
3kg sheep testicles
2 tbsp corn flour
1 cup milk, ˝ cup cream, ˝ cup cheese
2-3 onions
1 clove garlic
ground pepper
crushed rosemary and mint
ground paprika
Bosnian hot pepper
1 tablespoon honey
homemade white wine

Bosnia- About once a year in spring, with the butchering of sheep, sheep’s testicles are plentiful. Wars and in the aftermath of war ensures nothing is thrown away. A middle-age woman from the outskirts of Novi Travnik spoke of making this as a way to have social justice with the WWII and Balkan War rape camps. Domestic violence has been a norm but known as a cultural right for males. Now I wonder if the women make these dishes just to make their point. On second thought it is a perfect female social justice attitude.
I could not eat the dish after seeing the slaughter and the harvesting of the testicles. Once on the wood fire, it smelled delicious but something about not having to witness the origin of the meat dish meant everything to my stomach and sensibilities.

Her recipe- how she did it.

Slamming the testicles on an old wooden table located outside not far the butchering of the lambs, a large knife chopped the sheep’s testicles into small bite size pieces effortlessly. She delicately removes the skin from the testicles like it was an art form. A pot of boiling water over a wood fire was nearby already salted and cloves of garlic floating. Pitching the testicles into the boiling water for about 10 minutes, she takes a black cast iron frying pan rubbing her coveted duck fat evenly with a tablespoon of duck fat left in the middle of the pan. Next she scoops the boiled pieces of testicles with a bowl, drained the water and a frying pan on the wood fire.
Dicing the onions as if it were still the sheep testicles, she tosses the onions in the frying pan. Cooking the onions translucent and salt added, she puts in the corn flour adding water as needed. However, at one point, she poured in her homemade wine- about a cup. Removing the sheep testicles from the boiling water, she pan fries the testicles with the onions. Add the herbs-seasoning, honey and wait until the testicles soften up about five minutes. Place on wood fire so as to simmer the dish.

In a small pot she places about a cup of milk, ˝ cup cream and crumbled cheese (1/2 cup). Add corn flour to make a cream sauce. Pour cream sauce in dish and simmer, low heat for at least 15 minutes.

She spoons the mixture on homemade Pogucha and offers it to her husband.